How To Make A Flamethrower

If you have ever thought,
“I really want to set that on fire right now, but I’m much to far away to do it,”
then you are in the right place.
Let’s make a flamethrower

My name is Rob and I want to welcome you to the first available resource of its kind. One that teaches you how to make your own flamethrower which has been tested to be both reliable, safe, and effective. I’m just like you; a curious soul with a knack for design and ingenuity and just the right about of “crazy boldness” to design and build such a device.

If you’re asking “why would I want a flamethrower?”, then you may not be in the right place. However, if you’re asking yourself HOW can I make a flamethrower?”, then you are definitely in the right place.

Maybe you’ve see a flamethrower for sale online but didn’t want to spend well over $1000 for one. Fear not! I’ll teach you how to make yours for a fraction of that price.

Why Our Flamethrower?


Ownership is unregulated in 48 United States* and is not considered a weapon.

*CA and MD owners may be in violation of state law by possessing a flamethrower. See the FAQs page to learn more about legalities.

Based on the original military design with more durable materials in the modern world. All parts are rated for a minimum of 2200 psi, more than 3x the maximum operating pressure.
Easy To Build
I’ve taken the guess work out of building a flamethrower. Follow along with my tutorial. Buy all your parts online and put yours together in a few hours in your garage.

Come on…’s a friggin flamethrower.

The ultimate conversation starter. Make new friends or piss off your neighbors, it’s your choice!

Learn how to make your own flamethrower with my ebook.

How to make a flamethrower ebook
What to expect from this ebook
  • Launch up to a 45 foot flame!
  • 60 second continuous burn!
  • Buy everything you need online with my tools and parts shopping list (included in ebook)!
  • Mobile flamethrowing with backpack mounted flamethrower!
  • Safe to use and LEGAL!
  • Build yours for about $450, significantly less than nearly $1,200 for the XM42 and $1,600 for the X15 flamethrower for sale!
Homemade Flamethrower

Flamethrowers Supporting A Cause

I’m a cancer survivor and I know first hand the horrible effects of cancer which is why I’ve dedicated part of my business to helping other cancer patients in need.

A portion of each sale from is donated to support providing the education and treatement that we need to grow towards a cancer free world! is owned and operated by FTP Productions Inc.