Hall Of Flame

Have you recently built your flamethrower and want to be featured in this flamethrower Hall Of Flame? Submit your photos via email to Support@FlamethrowerPlans.com!



Aaron took some creative liberties with his flamethrower build and it’s looking pretty bad ass!


Darick’s running out of snow to melt!

Built with the help of your plans and a few tweaks of my own, think it came out great!!! Thanks a million!!!”

We whole heartedly agree with you.


Gabriel isn’t afraid to show his neighborhood what he’s built!


The “American Patriot Inferno Dispenser”. The ultimate American “snowflake” melter courtesy of Dan. Check out that sweet custom paintjob!


“I finished my flamethrower and WOW am I having fun. I could not have built this without your detailed plans.”

-David W


Thanks tyler for doing your part to clear the Arkansas brush! You definitely have the right tool for the job.


Oscar lights up his property with his own custom fuel recipe and his flamethrower. Pretty awesome way to light his annual Oktoberfest bonfire!

Here’s Oscar’s fuel recipe that’s he’s offered to share with us as well as a personal note from him.

  • 36 parts gas 1 part Denatured alcohol
  • 28 parts shredded ivory soap -OR- 20 parts powder soap (pure soap, no detergent).

Sometimes I put in 1 part dark German aluminum powder to kick it up. It has the consistency of pudding. I use the ivory because it has palmitic acid and tallow. But any pure soap will work. It takes awhile to mix. Paint mixer bar in a pneumatic drill works well. let it sit for 24 hours and mix one more time.

Thanks Oscar!

Edward S

Flamethrower’s are even international! My friend Edward in Taiwan had made quite a mark with his flamethrower!

Robert T

No party is complete without a flamethrower!

Looks like Robert would agree. Thanks Robert for the photos and keep on flamethower partying!


Looks like Mike is ready for a post apocalyptic showdown. I would want to be on his team!


Bruce’s wife surprised him with an extra hot gift this Christmas!

“I built that sucka for my husband for Christmas with the help from my neighbor kid. Haha. It was a hit! Let’s just say I got the wife of the year award! Thanks so much!!!! Best download ever!!!”

-Randi (Bruce’s wife).

What do you think? Is Bruce the happiest husband ever and does his wife deserve “wife of the year”? Or maybe “wife of the decade”!?

Johnny Dare

Huge shout out to Johnny Dare from KQRC radio in Kansas City. He has been a long supporter of Flamethrower Plans.com and has featured us on his radio show on more than one occasion. To the right is a show pleaser at a concert and below is a shoot done during the Midwestern Classic at Lionsgate which was featured in Golf Digest.

Check Johnny Dare out at his website or his Facebook Page and if you’re in Kansas City tune into 98.9 The Rock!


A real DIY pyro right here. Flamethrowing right in his backyard!

Ricky – New York

Check out “Torch” fire performer integrating his flamethrower in to his fire performances. Torch travels the country doing fire performances at local events. Check him out on Facebook.
Big thanks to Tony from Las Vegas, NV for the awesome pics and sharing the flamethrower love! How many of your friends has their own flamethrower!?
Andrew – GY6 Vids
Andrew from the YouTube channel GY6vids loves his flamethrower and even created a video series “will it cook” where he took everyday household items and used his homemade flamethrower to set them on fire. Check out his video to see the action. Watch and burn!
Bobby V
Flamethrower Guitars! Special thanks to Bobby V for this awesome behind the scenes photo of his “flamethrower rock concert”. I’m feeling like watching Mad Max Fury Road now.
Awesome job by our customer Clay, USMC veteran, for his own customized flamethrower. This one looks “hot” on the shelf and in the field!

Learn Everything You Need To Make Your Own Flamethrower

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  • 60 second continuous burn!
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  • Safe to use and LEGAL in most US States!
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