Frequently Asked Questions

Are flamethrowers legal?

Yes. Federally there are no laws restricting the use or possession of flamethrowers. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms doesn’t even consider a flamethrower a “firearm” since it does not shoot a projectile. IRONIC!

That being said, to my knowledge there are 2 States that restrict flamethrowers:

  • California. Flamethrowers are defined and restricted in the California Health And Safety Code 12750-12751, 12755-12759 and 12760-12761. Basically, a flamethrower is defined as a device that can shoot a flame over 10 feet. Possession is unlawful without valid permit and could be guilty of a public offense.
  • Maryland. The State’s fire code prohibits any flamethrower ownership.
Is this safe?

I’ve designed this flamethrower with safety as a #1 priority.

The flamethrower tank that I use is rated for 2200psi and all other parts are rated for 4000psi. The operating pressure of my flamethrower is only 800psi, about 1/3 of what this baby can handle. You’re never going to overpressure this system.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to pressurize the flamethrower and is the best option for a number of reasons:

  • It’s cheap and easy to find at most sporting goods stores or paintball shops.
  • CO2 is easy to transport.
  • CO2 is inert and eliminates the chance of explosion or an internal fire. Fire can’t exist when only CO2 is present; a flame requires available oxygen. As you deplete your flamethrower fuel, only CO2 fills the empty space in the tank, you could light a spark in there and nothing would happen!

Of course, safety largely depends on how you use your flamethrower so think before you flame! You’re responsible for your own actions.

Can the flamethrower suddenly blow up?

No, this isn’t possible for 2 specific reasons:

  1. Liquid gas isn’t flammable, only gasoline vapors are (think of lighting the surface of a full cup of gas on fire). In order for fire to exist, 2 things are required: oxygen and fuel. There is a specific ratio of oxygen to gasoline required for ignition which is a 14:1 air to fuel mixture. The reason the flame can’t travel backward into the gun and blow up is because the gun and hose contain 100% gas and 0% air which is why it isn’t possible for the flame to travel back into the gun.
  2. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to pressurize this flamethrower. CO2 is an inert gas meaning fire cannot exist in it’s presence. Even if somehow the flame traveled up through the gun, hose and into the tank, the lack of oxygen and presence of 100% CO2 would avoid an explosion.
Can I use high pressure air (HPA) instead of CO2?

CO2 is used to propel this flamethrower for safety reasons. (See “Is this safe” above). That being said, any high pressure gas will get the job done. The device is designed to operate with air output of 800 psi which is what the CO2 tank roughly puts out. The CO2 tank recommended is the same kind used for playing paintball and a similar HPA tank for paintball will work.

If you use HPA, you assume all risks of spontaneous combustion or explosion. If you choose to use HPA, nitrogen is recommend since it is an inert (non flammable) gas like CO2. Most HPA tanks can be used for either compressed air or pure nitrogen.

How much will it cost to build my flamethrower?

If you purchase everything using the links provided in my eBook then you will spend about $450 in parts plus whatever tools you’ll need.

How long will it take me to build it?

Once you have all the parts and tools you need, you should be able to make your flamethrower in about 2-3 hours.

How much fuel does it hold?

The fuel capacity of your flamethrower is about 3.5 US gallons/13.25 liters and will last for a continuous 60 second burn which is a A LONG time! Trust me. Most flamethrower displays last about 5-10 minutes since you won’t usually be shooting for a straight 60 seconds.

What is the best fuel to use?

Virtually any flammable liquid will work, I usually just use the lowest grade gasoline I can get because it’s cheap and easy to get.

The best mixture is 75% gasoline (the cheap stuff is fine) and 25% kerosene and will give you the maximum range and a low-grade “napalm effect”.

How far will it shoot?

Your flamethrower can reach ranges up to 45 feet. I recommend a 75%/25% gas/kerosine mixture for the best range. 100% gas works just fine though and you’ll hardly know the difference. Check out the video for a fuel comparison!

How many seconds will it last?

One tank of fuel will last for a continuous 60 second burn which is a A LONG time! Trust me.

Most flamethrower displays last about 5-10 minutes since you won’t usually be shooting for a straight 60 seconds.

How is it pressurized and what is the max pressure?

Your flamethrower is pressurized with carbon dioxide (CO2). Tanks are cheap (about $20), easy to find and refillable for $5 or less at most sporting good stores or paintball shops. CO2 runs at about 800psi.

How do I refill it?

There are 2 components to your flamethrower: fuel and carbon dioxide (CO2)

Refill the fuel by unscrewing the entire top valve. Easily done by hand and without any special tools.

Refill the CO2 at a local sporting goods store or paintball shop for under $5. One CO2 fill is good for one tank of fuel then you will need to refill the CO2.

How do I maintain it?

After each flamethrower use, flush the tank, hose and gun out with water. Take extra care to clean the quick disconnect fittings on the hose since the fuel can degrade these rubber components overtime. Always store it empty and unpressurized.

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What if I have more questions?

Visit the contact page to send your question if I haven’t answered it here.

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